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Use our combined 75+ years of strategic and tactical HR experience to solve the common problems we all face as business owners and executives. We provide common sense, easy to understand and administer solutions for retaining and managing your workforce customized for YOUR unique culture.


Legal Compliance, Best Practices, Audits, Recruiting, Independent Investigations for Harassment/ Discrimination complaints, Supervisory and Leadership Training, Employee communication and retention practices, Discipline and Termination without liability, performance Management and guidance. Compensation and Fringe Benefit Analysis.


Providing outsourced HR Support for small to mid-sized businesses. We offer our support on an Interim or AD HOC basis for all size companies. We are a practical and cost efficient resource.

Our sole focus is working with small to mid-sized businesses to develop Human Resource practices best aligned with YOUR business objectives and YOUR strategic plans.

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The HR Consulting, LLC team is focused on the needs of our growing list of clients. We match the right resource for each unique business situation to ensure cost-effective service.


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